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Bernardo Robledo, MIB, CITP

Founder & Director

O: 778-340-1881  M: 604-616-1712

Vancouver, BC. Canada

International Senior Consultant with over 17 years of experience. With a Masters Degree in Global Marketing. CITP Certified International Trade Professional from FITT Canada. FITT International Professor. His background has been molded through years of proven success while in the employ of some influential organizations. With a global business mentality; product of roles in marketing management, project management, market research and sales.

The Team


Contact us:

Tel: 1-778-340-1881

Daniel Ronderos

Business Advisor

O: (571) 2564861 - (571)6109798

Bogotá D.C. Colombia

Daniel brings more than 28 years of highly recognize experience in Latin American advertising. Founder and General Manager of Publicidad Abaco. Professor for several universities.Global  Integrated Communications Expert; Expert in Digital Media and Marketing Planning; design, build and operate highly scaled paid search campaigns across multiple engines with six-figure monthly budgets.

Carol Ramirez

CEO Camaleon

Estrategic Consultant

O: (571) 6104905 - (571)312 4635133

Bogotá D.C. Colombia

Carol not only brings more than 10 years of highly recognize experience in Latin American. She brings to this partnership, one of the best Market research agencies in the continent: Camaleon 360. 

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