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Planning for Global Markets

Considerable factors are:

  • Company objectives and resources

  • International commitment

  • Planning process


Why plan?

  • To manage external, uncontrollable factors on the firm’s  strengths, weakness, objetives, and goals to attain desired end

  • Allows rapid growth of international function, changing markets, increasing competition, and turbulent changes in the market

  • Planning relates to goals and methods of achieving them         


We design the Go-To International Market Plan:

The strategic and tactical aspects of delivering and supporting a product or service offering in an international marketplace.This includes product specification, pricing, distribution, marketing communications, sales, after-market support, and customer experience management. Planning is an essential part of developing a successful international business. It is a process that examines a business in relation to:


Generally it follows the process of:

  • The company's market assessment

  • Generation of achievable objectives

  • International strategy development

  • Evaluation of alternative strategies

  • Operational programs supporting the strategy

Planning for Global Markets

From establishing goals to formulating the go-to-market plan, we help your business develop a solid international marketing plan to achieve your sales and business objectives.
1-Global Marketing
  • Establish objectives and formulating strategies
  • Competitive advantage formulation
  • Marketing mix development: Product, price, distribution, and promotions
  • Segmentation, targeting, and positioning
  • Distributor qualification and selection processes:
•Initial channel program creation and  structure
•Definition and creation of channel sales
•Channel sales performance analysis and metrics
2-Marketing Action Plan
  • Internal Analysis of the company: Are we ready to export?

  • Identify Potential Markets: Where should we go?

  • Research Countries and Customers: Why go to that market?

  • Consider Potential Issues: Would it be worth it?

  • Identify Strategic Risk Areas: What if?

  • Design the International Marketing Plan

  • Create indicators to monitor the operation globally


3-We Design your Marketing Entry Strategy
  • Target Market Selection
  • Choose the Mode of Entry to foreign markets:
    • Exporting
    • Licensing
    • Franchising
    • Contract Manufacturing (Out sourcing)
    • Joint Ventures
    • Wholly owned subsidiaries (WOS)
    • Strategic Alliances


  • Blogs

  • Phone-based Market Research

  • Communities/ forums

  • Industry associations

  • Analysts, influencers

  • Speaking opportunities

  • Webinars

  • Awards/ rankings

  • Targeted ‘low cost’ marketing

  • Alliance marketing

  • Co-marketing

  • Pay-for-performance marketing tools



  • Lead generation

  • Appointment Setting

  • Event Telemarketing

  • Lead Follow-up



  • Internet Marketing Development

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Pay-per-click, affiliate and e-advertising

  • RSS, podcasting, and Internet TV

  • Video and multimedia

  • Graphic design and corporate identity

  • Print advertising, editorial, and direct mailing

  • Packaging, branding, and point-of-sale design

  • Catalogs, flyers, brochures, and printed material

  • Tradeshow booth and displays

  • Technical posters and presentations

  • Copy writing, editing, and translation

4-Go to Market Action Plan

We help your company to create and deliver the right message for your target market at the right place and the right time.Our marketing services work in line with your time and budget, while developing top-quality marketing materials and activities. We can help you increase demand for your products by effectively delivering your unique message through multiple media channels:

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