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International Business Consulting

We are an International Business Consulting firm that provides customized solutions for the formulation and implementation of international business strategies. We utilize unique practices methodologies to deliver actionable results to clients in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner. We assist clients in creating and managing strategic relationships and alliances with other organizations, including multinational companies, research institutions, and government agencies.

How to Enter into New Marke


  • Market Entry Strategies

  • Strategic Planning

  • Media Planning

  • International Marketing Plans

  • Social Media Management

  • Relationship Management

  • Special Events and Promotions

  • Database Management

  • Brand Identity

  • Design Direction

Global Marketing Planning


  • We design your International Market Entry Plan and Strategies.

  • From establishing goals to formulating the go-to-market plan, we help your business to develop solid marketing entry strategies to achieve business objectives.

  • We understand the challenges and risks you face when entering a new market.

Global Market Research


  • We provide your Business with the most accurate and precise information to make the best decisions when venture your products or services in global markets.

  • Market research is the vital link between the organization and its customers.

  • We interpret consumer behavior and translate the perspective of customers into actionable marketing strategies.

Global Business Opportunities


  • International Partnership development in 60 days or less. We identifiy, analyze and generate actionable information on commercial opportunities and business intelligence, including:

    • products - services

    • technologies

    • partner companies and markets

Targeted Market Solutions


  • We deliver targeted market solutions to your specific objectives

  • We find networks & global industry contacts to identify and develop customized market entry strategies

  • We know how to building successful strategies in developed and emerging markets

  • Get your company ready to take on international opportunities

4 Languages 18 Industries


  • Agribusiness, Food & Beverage

  • Architecture & Construction

  • Business & Technology

  • Consumer Packaged Goods

  • Eco Friendly & Green

  • Education: Universities & Colleges

  • Online Education: Diploma courses

  • Travel & Tourism

  • And more...

Contact us:

Tel: 1-778-340-1881

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