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About us.

We adapt your business to different cultures, and the way of doing business in international markets.
Adapting Marketing is a Training & Development Soft Skills development firm that specializes in helping small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) create sustainable growth through successful expansion into global markets. We assist companies in Canada, USA and other countries in entering or expanding into markets throughout North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean and Europe. Our expertise is in accurately obtaining and verifying information on business opportunities that are under the radar in developed and emerging markets worldwide.


We create profitable growth strategies

We advise your business on how to create profitable growth strategies. How we deliver your expected returns is a hands-on approach using as a result of our expertise and a close working relationship with you and your teams. We work closely with our clients to deliver a custom-built strategy for your international growth. To formulate this strategy, we analyze your customers and clients, processes and combine these with our insights, experience and interviews with your varied stakeholders.

We help you achieve your expansion goals

Your relationship with us only succeeds if we achieve your expansion goals; we transform your organization's culture, we reduce knowledge gaps and discover together the best markets for your products and/ or services.It's about action and implementation, not lengthy or prescriptive reports.

Business cultures have different expectations

Canadian, US and Latin American business cultures have different expectations from management and clients, so appreciating and operating adequately in new or different settings makes the difference between business success and failure. Your ability to apply a global attitude in these situations determines whether you achieve a successful international deal or not. We offer fluency and confidence in foreign cultures, the ability to build relationships and the capacity to negotiate effectively.


Contact us:

Tel: 1-778-340-1881

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