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Adapting Marketing Canada was born in 2010 with the aim of providing specialized services to the educational sector in Canada, the USA and Latin America, covering higher education institutions. Since 2010, the presence in these markets have been growing and consolidating a professional reputation through technical assistance to educational institutions and universities, governments agencies, and civil society organizations. With a group of professors, teachers and professionals, with a high recognition and experience acquired by more than twenty years of work, in the educational and business sectors in different countries.


Contact us:

Tel: 1-778-340-1881

  • Design and development of Business and International Business curriculum for universities and colleges.

  • Design, development, consulting and evaluation of institutional educational projects.

  • Consulting and advising on processes of accreditation of academic programs; preparation of qualified records.

  • Development, consultancy, evaluation, and training in pedagogical processes, curriculum design and assessment systems.

  • Virtual education consulting projects: planning, design, development, coordination of all the pedagogical and technological aspects.

  • Training and/or qualifications for teachers for face-to-face and virtual mode.

  • Design, development and implementation of service plans to internal customers.

  • Consulting, design and implementation of libraries and system file and correspondence.

  • Design of training programs and training, for the talent of the institution: conferences, courses, seminars and courses.

  • Design and production of content for mode: face to face, B-learning, E-learning and M-learning.

Services for the Education Sector

Competitive Advantages

  • Highly qualified group of trainers and consultants with very good experience in higher education

  • Manage and apply Analytics of Canada and Latin America

  • Interdisciplinary group of project management, with extensive experience in training and tailor-made programmes

  • Promote the use of mobile phones in the processes of teaching and learning "BYOD" (Bring Your Own Device)

  • Advice on the application of advanced technologies: LMS platform (Learning Management System), VCR (Virtual Class Room), Webcasting, mobile technology for mobile phones or PDA's which will make it possible to access to working sessions remote courses online, in administrative areas, of systems, office, service customer, languages and all courses specially designed, tailored to organizations, by our team of teachers instructional designers, graphic designers, digital illustrators, programmers and publishers

  • Experience in TIC´S projects (information and communication technologies)

  • Consulting and advising on processes of accreditation of academic programs

  • Development, evaluation, and implementation of curriculums: design assessment systems

  • Create and implement E-Learning projects: Needs analysis, definition of requirements, planning, design, development, coordination and implementation of pedagogical and technical aspects

  • Training and/or qualifications for teachers for face-to-face and virtual mode

  • Design, development and implementation of service plans to internal customers

  • Design of training programs: seminars and courses

  • Design and production of content for: face to face, B-learning, E-learning and M-learning

Aspiring for Growth and Inspiring Others

Some people inspire others by continuously improving themselves and aspiring for growth, both as people and as professionals. Bernardo Robledo is definitely a great example of that.

A hard-working professional, Bernardo continues to improve himself and set new goals for his profession in international business and marketing, as well as in his career as a teacher and an instructor.

“I wanted to explore the international markets,” says Bernardo. “I worked in business and marketing my whole life, but I knew there was still a lot of room for exploration, learning and growth.”
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