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Global Entrepreneur Business Models Development

We can help you to create and develop your international business model; create and promote innovation, and leadership; search for a repeatable and more powerful business model. Innovation is front and center on the business agenda. Executives are adding breakthrough innovations and business model changes to their portfolio to growth exponentially.

Contact us:

Tel: 1-778-340-1881

How to build growth and ventures through strategic innovation and Visual Thinking:

International disruptive businesses, in their initial stages, can include:  smaller target markets, lower gross margins and simpler products and services that may not appear as attractive as existing solutions. These lower expectations of the market offer lower gross margins, unattractive to other firms moving upward in the market, creating space at the bottom of the market for new disruptive competitors to emerge.

Disruptive Business Models Development:

•How to transform your organization into an Exponential Organization

•Customer Development, Agile and Lean Start-ups

•We measure the Return on Learning ROL not the ROI

•What it takes to scale your company 10x

•How to implementing a new growth model

•Adapt your existing company to scale exponentially

Business Development and Strategic Planning:

•Develop and execute market entry plans for clients in Canada, USA and Latin America

•Design and develop market entry programs: Direct and Exporting, Partnerships and alliances

•Create Competitive analysis

•Find opportunities and enter global markets

•Expand existing markets by tracking and analyzing data to increase sales and reduce the risk

•Create sales strategies for local and international clients in different sectors

•Develop integrated communications plans

•Corporate training solutions for our clients, distributors and partners

•Market analysis & feasibility of projects

•Build reputation, customer’s relationship and partnerships


Marketing and Sales:

•Create super 10x International Marketing Planning

•Develop market research studies to open new markets

•Internet Marketing Planning

•Advertising and Integrated Communications

•Public Relations and Event planning

•Identify and develop sales leads and prospects

•Qualify key prospects

•Client retention strategies

•Develop sales funnel and international sales plans

•Develop International distribution plans


Consulting & Project Management:

•Project Portfolio Management

•Business and Project Risk Management

•Program Management

•In-house and International coaching

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