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The right distribution strategy will make your business growth

Your Distribution Channel requirements

Many firms find it more cost-effective to sell through other companies rather than direct to the end-user; even service providers use partnering strategies. Your choice of distribution channel will also be influenced by what you want. You might need a channel that displays your product, or provides installation and customer support. If you want to build relationships with end-users, you'll need a sales channel that gives you direct control.

Working with sales agents & companies with established customers is an excellent way to expand into new markets where the cost would otherwise limit your ability to reach customers.The degree of control you want to retain is important. By working with a sales agent, you can control your pricing and perhaps establish a direct relationship with the customer. If branding matters, work closely with a small number of distributors. You need to invest in your distribution channels by giving sales agents product training.

  • E-commerce is an effective way for you to attract new customers and cut your costs.

  • If you're a retailer, you can sell through an online shop without the costs of a high street shop and in-store sales staff. An e-commerce website can serve your entire target market, and even if your customers sometimes need face to face meetings, it enables them to make repeat purchases online.

  • You might find an existing e-commerce platform you can use to sell online.

  • There might even be a specialist auction site or online marketplaces for your industry too.

  • Selling through others can be straightforward and inexpensive, but it won't give you the same flexibility as selling through your own website.

  • Using ecommerce software such as shopping cart software to build an online store within your website can transform the way you sell.

  • We help you design an effective distribution strategy that will enable you to use your sales channels effectively and maximise profits.

  • Managing a small number of sales channels lets you invest in each one and build strong relationships.

  • A strategic approach to distribution will also identify conflicts and minimise them. For example, if you sell your product directly online and through other offline retailers, you will find yourself in competition with your own distributors.

  • How much support to offer to distributors and how much to invest in promoting your sales channels? You need to manage your distribution channels properly.

  • You need to invest in building good working relationships with agents and distributors.

  • Efficient logistics and effective communication are vital if you want to maximise your sales.

 Online Sales Channel

Distribution Channel Management

Exporting and Distribution Strategy


Exporting can open up new opportunities, growth and dramatically boost your takings and profits. Selling your goods and service abroad can massively increase your customer base. But successful exporting relies on understanding where good sales opportunities lie and how best to take advantage of them. A good distribution strategy will identify the best sales channels for your firm and tell you how to exploit them.

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